Thursday, May 3, 2012

Long Time

Well, well.  If it isn't the good old blogging format.  Although I've wanted to write, something has been keeping me from it.  Perhaps it's my insane schedule or the repeated disappointments in my life but I think it's high time that I return here to "journal" (gads I hate that term) my life now.  Or blog it.  I think blop might be a better term.  Welcome to my blop where I plop my random thoughts, dreams, and disappointments for the world to view.  Blop.

Today is sort of the day which broke the camel's back.  Over the past year I've applied for two jobs in which I was interested, interviewed and was denied; we put the house on the market twice (fingers crossed for a sale!), and most recently (today) our three year old son is in the process of being diagnosed for some sort of developmental disorder like autism spectrum.  Oh the joy!  High balls all around!  Or a glass of Fat Bastard on the deck if you are me today.  Mental health day = drink on the deck in the unseasonably warm day.  Cheers!  Oh, and my developmentally delayed dog appears to be trying to "git" the reflection off my laptop on the side of the house.  Real American genius, that one.

On the brighter side, did I mention that I am drinking on the deck in the sun.  Oh hell yes.  And listening to the U2 station on Pandora.  Crying at work can lead to prompt acceptance of a vacation request for the afternoon.  Thank you, understanding bossman!  For the rest of the day I think I will work on some reading, writing, and imbibing.  Or I'll just stare out into space.  Either works.  And then I will plan.

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